Building on Experience

Since its modest beginnings in 1957 representing a single shipping line, the Shipping Division now embodies leading worldwide shipping lines from the USA, Asia, the Far East, Europe and the Middle East. The division, today, enjoys a reputation as a market leader and is one of the most efficient sea freight logistics companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

The division has extensive experience in handling all types of vessels such as break bulk tankers, containers or tramps, whilst also providing auxiliary services such as bunkering, marine repairs, ship chandlery and stevedoring. The Shipping Division also has the necessary capability to enter into long-term contract shipping for industrial customers. Consequently, the division has become a key logistics centre for the storage and distribution of products locally and globally as mirrored by the pursuit of Intercol’s expansion and diversification in the shipping, air freight, courier service and customs clearance industry.

The division is equipped with a unique and modern high-tech communications system that allows it to stay online with principals which ensures clients increased speed and quality of service. Due to this and its standing as an industry leader, the Shipping Division has become the Kingdom’s sole member of the Multiport Ship Agencies Network, a group of financially-stable and trustworthy shipping agents worldwide. The division’s goal is to maintain the key elements underlying the success of the Multiport network: integrity, quality and professionalism.