Building on Experience

Continuing the Legacy of Progress and Achievement 

Intercol Contracting Company Limited (ICC) initially started out as the inhouse maintenance office for the Intercol group. As Intercol continued to grow and expand the need for the construction and refurbishment of new and existing offices arose. As a result of the company’s growing capabilities in relation to the growing needs of Intercol, ICC was formally established as a fully-fledged construction company with a Grade I Building Contractor listing.

ICC is a fully-operational contracting company whose services include but are not limited to; carpentry, masonry, civil works, electrical works, fabrication, building work and contracting. ICC is also qualified to handle the designing and architectural aspects of projects and its comprehensive portfolio of work includes; the design and construction of Intercol’s Personnel Department, Nestlé’s Bahrain headquarters, Phase II of the Gulf Warehousing and Distribution Centre and Intercol’s Mina Salman jetty, the prestigious Vascular Angiography suite at the Salmaniya Medical Complex, as well as various residential villas, showrooms, commercial buildings and regular renovations for all divisions of Intercol.

These prestigious projects that have been undertaken and completed by ICC are a testament to the company’s dedication to its fields of specialization. ICC’s goals aims to place Intercol at the forefront of the construction and maintenance industry by continuing to undertake milestone projects in the Kingdom.